I have two high-school sweethearts. The first is my wife. The other is history.

My fascination with American history began in a high school honors class titled "The American Presidency." To be honest, I was a terrible student because I refused to do homework. Still, I had a ravenous appetite for presidential trivia. I could never satisfy my desire to know more about our past, which is why I pursued my first degree in history and political science at Indiana University. I also learned a bit of Italian along the way. I graduate with a Bachelor of Arts, with honors notations, in May 2012.

Early one restless morning at around 4am in 2012, I opened my email to see an acceptance letter from Queens' College at the University of Cambridge. I took great pride in waking up every member of my family with an excited phone call. I moved to England in the late Fall to study under Professor Tony Badger and Dr. Andrew Preston. There I wrote a

dissertation about how one rogue former president, Herbert Hoover, shaped U.S. foreign policy as a citizen-

diplomat during moments of crisis. Parts of this dissertation have appeared in scholarly journals, on popular websites, and in mainstream newspapers. I graduated in the Spring of 2013 with a Master's of Philosophy in Historical Studies.

A growing interest in the Vietnam War drove me away from Cambridge and to the University of Kentucky where I sought to work with the father of Vietnam War history, Dr. George Herring, and the world renowned Dr. Lien-Hang Nguyen (now at Columbia University). She graciously accepted me on as a Ph.D. student where I now tackle questions related to anti-war activism, transnationalism, war crimes, and human rights during the 1960s and 1970s. I am writing a doctoral dissertation titled, "For the Conscience of Mankind: The International War Crimes Tribunal and the Vietnam War, 1965-1968." I expect to defend this dissertation and graduate in May of 2020.

I am deeply dissatisfied by the state of our world and believe that history can be an antidote to many of our problems. Although my scholarly work is grounded in rigorous analysis, I believe that historians have a

responsibility to share their findings with the global public and to remain invested in current affairs to the benefit of all mankind. I like to say that I specialize in "Applied History," which simply means that I take pride in rooting contemporary events in the historical past. My philosophy as a historian is that we should first begin with a current event and ask ourselves, "what happened and why?" Only then can we draw the kinds of historical parallels that shape public policy, make better citizens, and benefit all of humanity. 

Finally, I am a very proud father to a wonderful newborn that my wife (Hanna) and I welcomed into the world at the beginning of June. His name is Elliott and he is perfect. I also have a dog named Penny who refuses to take a good photo

(example above). When I'm not doing history, you can find me in the kitchen where I spend hours cooking, testing out new recipes, and creating meals from scratch. 

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