• Cody J. Foster

COVID-19: A Reflection

Optimism wanes amidst uncertainty. Unprecedented decisions are upending our everyday lives and creating a historical marker along the timeline of our human existence. Everything seems reactionary and overstated while at the same time being cautionary and exact. Some have found this crisis to be an opportune moment of self-improvement likened to “new year, new me,” banalities that come and go every January 1. Others are taking this time to relax, recover, and meditate about our existence amidst the uncanny. Still others are catching up on shows and books, playing games, and generally spending time with their family. No action is required and nothing is expected; all choices are the right choice so long as we take care of ourselves and bring no harm to others. I worry about our local businesses just as I worry about my fellow humans. I’m troubled by the selfish who choose not to see the danger and so recklessly bring about harm to the most vulnerable. Every action is a choice to protect society or to hurt it. Some are choosing the latter by not staying home. We must think outside of ourselves to protect ourselves. Our collective, swollen anxiety is unnerving as we continue on a spiraling journey into the dark depths of this global illness knowing that we have yet to encounter what waits for us in the valleys. Yet, there is hope knowing that even periodic light beams peer into claustrophobic crevices. Our existence as one can survive turbulent ripples in time, but it requires collective action with our eyes on our own and our hearts with each other. The earth body will recover and our shared human soul will persist. We can survive as a community.

The days may literally and figuratively seem dull and drab, but we will see the light that shines over the horizon when we collectively ascend to the peak of healing and look back upon the gloomy valleys that preceded us, knowing that we united and overcame the unknown.


© 2019 by Cody J. Foster

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